Q: Why did you start this website?

A: Way back in 2008, when I was a senior in high school, I used to make fun of things that I didn’t like on my MySpace page (don’t bother looking for it, it is no longer up). Most of my friends either found what I had to say hilarious or offensive. I reveled in both reactions. Through pop culture and current events I found no shortage of stupid things to make fun of, and so I wrote and wrote and wrote, each time what I wrote got longer, most cohesive, and more polished. Fanfare amongst my friends grew until the real world stepped in and I had to stop writing for fun and start working for a living. Since then, I have grown out of social media (having only put up a couple of articles in a few years on Facebook just for my friends to get a kick out of), but in my spare time, I still occasionally wrote and kept myself sharp by arguing with all manner of idiots, hippies, and arrogant pricks the college life had to offer.

A couple times in the intervening years I have tried to start up a site to host what I wrote, but I always ran out of time, money, or motivation. Now that I’m out of college and comfortably employed and housed, I have found that not only has my passion for fucking with people returned, but so has the spare time I need to do it. Which leads us to now, with the launching of this site.



Q: What does your domain name mean?

A: I find it pretty self explanatory. People don’t like to be told the truth when it inconveniences their narrow little worldview. This is where people get offended and I get my kicks. To be able to tell that truth unedited and “without mercy” is not a skill that many people seem to have these days. Sure there are plenty of losers who make fun of something they don’t like to try and be edgy, but it usually just comes off as uneducated inane drivel.

I initially wanted to get the domain erikthered.com, but I found it was already claimed by another. I messaged the owner to see if he would like to sell it, and he declined. So I made this one up. But if the former ever becomes available again, I’ll be waiting to get it; and that doesn’t mean you should harass the guy who owns it now. What symbolism Erik The Red has will be addressed at a later date.



Q: Do you take requests? Why don’t you write about _____________?

A: No, I don’t take requests. I don’t care how good of an idea you think you have, I won’t write it for you. If you have some great material, write it yourself. If you want to see it published online, make your own website. If you want to contribute something as a guest author however, visit the “Contribute” page for info.



Q: I don’t like that you wrote about __________/Something you wrote about offends me.

A: I don’t give a shit and I don’t want to hear about it. If it offends you, stop visiting my site. When you lighten the fuck up, you’re welcome to come back.



Q: Can I repost something I have found on your site?

A: Feel free to link to any page on my site for any reason. If you want to reproduce something of mine as some kind of publication however, I would like if you got my permission first. Contact me with information such as what publication you work for, what article or segment you are interested in reproducing, etc, and I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can. Please don’t link directly to images hosted on my site or otherwise use them without my permission, on the off chance one of them is an original creation of mine.



Q: Why won’t you allow the posting of comments? Are you afraid I’m going to call you out and prove you wrong or something? Are you afraid of spam?

A: No. I wouldn’t care even if you did, if that were even possible. If I wanted to know everyone’s opinions on what I wrote, I’d be posting all of this shit on Facebook. That being said, since there are no comments, don’t both registering an account for my site. Its not necessary and I’ll just delete it.