My Spring Break Was Better Than Yours

This year, I treated myself to a tropical vacation. I’ve never been to the Bahamas, but everything I’ve heard about it was positive, so I just had to check it out on my own. I spent 2 days and 3 nights on a Carnival cruise and visited both Freeport and Nassau.

I’ve been to Hawaii before, and I would recommend it to anyone, but my experience in the Bahamas was unparalleled and I have the pictures to prove it. After a 5 hour flight to Orlando and a check in at the hotel, the next morning I was ready to board the ship and start my unforgettable adventure. Here are all of the pictures I took of the trip, and a small description of each.

This is the hotel we stayed in in Orlando, it has very unique wall art!The hotel was one of the only in town with a 5-Star restaurant.The next day, we boarded our charter bus to the port, and the upholstery on seats was awesome.Look at how much luggage fits on that cart!No adventure would be complete without mystery! I wonder what's back there.Escalators are all over the place where I live, I was shocked to see one in Florida too!First dinner on the ship. At first I thought the water was dirty, but it was just really cold.Can you imagine? Real silverware!The cabin was very accomodating. They even gave us our own furniture to use while we stayed!We went to a beach, it was full of sand. I mean sand for miles, as far as the eye could see. It was beautiful!In Nassau, people use fences to divide their yards from the street.The local architecture is breathtaking.WE GOT TO SEE KEVIN HART WHILE ON THE BOAT. HE WAS RIGHT THERE IN OUR CABIN.I have no idea what this is. It looks really old. I wonder if its worth anything?My tour guide told me that Bahaman natives have perfected the art of growing trees in ceramic pots. Apparently this is a skill passed down between generations.Here's an old building. Apparently a bunch of pirates lived there a long time ago, but its abandoned now.I think its pretty stupid that they just let abandoned buildings litter the island like that.Barnacles are fucking stupid.Stupid idiots.We got to see real life poor people!I dont know what's dirtier, this house or the window Im looking out of. Gross.Or maybe the door is the dirtiest part.I wanted to stop and ask these people if they knew that their gate was broken, but it didnt look like anyone was home. No wonder they are poor, I bet their stuff keeps getting stolen because of that broken gate.So beautiful, this must be the stairway that Led Zepplin guy always talked about.We thought we found a gift shop, but it was really a a front for a satanic necrophilia cult.The soda smiles at you! Only in the Bahamas, I swear.When we got back to the cabin, someone had folded our towel into an animal shape. I had to use it before I thought about taking the picture though.

I’m pretty good at this whole travel review thing.