What We Can Learn From Boko Harem’s Kidnappings And Our Response To It

Today marks the two year anniversary of the infamous Boko Harem kidnappings of over 200 girls in Nigeria. Their ages were primarily 9-14. If you don’t remember, that’s ok. Nobody else seems to remember either. Here is a quick refresher.

On April 14th, 2014, the Islamic Terrorist group known as Boko Harem (rough translation: Western Education Is Forbidden) attacked a government boarding school in the town of Chibok. They abducted 276 Christian girls from the school, with intent to use these girls for different purposes. Some became suicide bombers. Others were forced to marry members of the group. Some were uses as prostitutes or sold into sex slavery. Almost all of them were forced to convert to Islam and became victims of female genital mutilation. As of this writing, 219 of these girls are still missing.

Now that we covered what did happen, let’s cover a few things that didn’t happen:

The majority of the girls have never been recovered. Further, there has been no significant action by any country, not even Nigeria, to find them. Sure, Nigeria is actively engaging against Boko Harem, but there has been little to no results to find or rescue the kidnapped girls since the primary objective overall is to combat Boko Harem in total.

International leaders have done next to nothing to encourage either retribution or resolution. Michelle obama joined a Twitter campaign that has been credited with successfully rescuing approximately 0 people from the clutches of bloodthirsty fanatics. That’s right, instead of taking the time to encourage her husband, the most powerful man in the world, to do something, she is content with posting a picture on Twitter of her holding a piece of paper and pouting.

Not to be outdone, Gordon Brown wrote an article reminding everyone that though he isn’t doing anything about it, he hasn’t forgotten about what it is he’s doing nothing about. The Global March Against Child Labor held a candlelit vigil for the victims, letting them know that while they lie in mud huts with their clitorises long-removed, being raped daily by men up to three times their age, that our prayers are with them. The amount of prayers that have unraped a 9 year old are precisely 0.

Despite literally all of the victims being girls, and despite their base human rights being torn away from them, Western Feminists haven’t bothered to cite the incident at all. Apparently, Maureen Dowd, Sheryl Sandberg, and Emma Watson are too busy driving around in limousines, counting their millions of dollars, enjoying the public spotlight, and crying about how hard it is to be a woman to give a damn about any real female victims of violence. The amount of female genital mutilations prevented by the fight against gendered bathrooms and the word “bossy” remains remarkably steady, at 0.

Even in this era of beheadings, genocide, and bombings, many people still fail to acknowledge the dangers of radical Islamic extremism. Key amongst these deniers are President obama, whose last name I’ve not bothered to capitalize in years. Whether to protect moderate Muslims (i.e. those who don’t rape and kill little girls, like normal people) or to double down on his disastrously soft foreign policy may never be determined. Surprisingly, despite obama’s ardent assurance of his philosophy and tactics, being soft on bloodthirsty cavemen who rape and torture children has not yielded significant results, as the number of girls who have been set free by their repentant kidnappers is estimated to be 0.

How does an affront of this nature go unopposed? How can we not agree that this requires a resolution? What’s the moral of this story? The next time you decide to raise hell over an issue that doesn’t truly deserve attention, the next time you choose to gloss over a real issue that doesn’t fit your narrative, stop for a second. Think about what it would be like to be on the shoes of one of these girls. Then consider this: If everyone wasn’t so far up their own asses about their own patently false agendas, if we focuses our efforts on making tangible changes where it’s needed, if instead of bitching about God or Allah or The Patriarchy or Political Correctness or Global Warming we actually all agreed that there are some atrocities we can all unite behind, couldn’t we, as one, have made a difference?

The world doesn’t change overnight. But the lives of 219 terrified, abused, and mutilated children still in the clutches of a bunch of Muslim savages did. Their lives changed real quick, and they could have been changed back just as fast if we weren’t wasting our time lying about how women make less money than men, or lying about how a bunch of people shouting “Allahu Akbar” while beheading Christians aren’t Islamic Extremists. If we ever succeed in freeing these girls, I’m sure they will understand when we tell them that we took too long to get there because we didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings on our way.